How Do You Recover From A Breakup


How Do You Recover From A Breakup Breaking up can be tricky for men, too. In fact, most people believe that men should have the position of leader, where they are resilient to emotion, loss and change. But this is totally wrong, wrong anyway! Men are also vulnerable creatures and they have a hard time when it comes to breaking up because there is no place to help them deal with it properly and move on. For women, they can build more emotional catharsis networks with friends and family. However, men generally don't talk about it with their friends. So, men don't have a release valve to talk about their breakup.

I just want to say that for a man, it's a tough process. Here are the ultimate ways to recover properly from a breakup and use this opportunity to develop your best self. Then go back to some professional exclusive dating sites to start sugar dating or casual dating! But it all starts with a basic but very difficult principle: you have to accept it. Your emotions will rock your world. You're emotionally and chemically dependent on your ex, so it's like rehab.

5 stages
If you suppress feelings and emotions after a breakup, or try to hide them, you will only delay healing. Make the problem worse. Research shows that you have to go through five stages to get your relationship through the grief properly.

1. Denial
At first, you're not comfortable with the breakup, you're in denial. You're thinking, "no, this isn't going to happen to me." "even if you're rationally aware that the relationship is over, your heart isn't ready to let go. At this stage, the most important thing is to cut all ties with your ex. Exclude her from your social media, keeping her out of sight and out of your head. Otherwise, you'll try to convince yourself that you can still be together.

2. Bargaining
After the denial phase, you enter the bargaining phase, trying to justify reconnecting. You start thinking "maybe we can fix this and get back together" or "if we go to therapy, we can fix this." In short, your brain will be filled with complex thoughts. At this stage, it's easy to act desperate or even crazy. The solution is not to look at everything about her, to keep your own space and not to include her.

3. Anger
Then came a burst of anger. You're mad at her and you're mad at yourself. Of course, it's ok to experience anger, just be aware of how it's channeled. You don't want to bottle it up, so you have to find a healthy way to spit it out. For me, going to the gym is the best. Let it out through exercise, rather than waiting for anger to explode at the wrong time.

4. Sad
Now is the stage of sadness, you are in endless sorrow. You start to have no energy for anything, only sadness. The point of this phase is that you need to experience it, sadness will come, and you have to feel it. There's no other way. Acknowledge your feelings. Acknowledge the feelings you're experiencing in a rational way. If you feel really bad, I suggest you see a psychiatrist. Trust me, through your doctor's guidance you will realize that many things are vital to understanding yourself and moving in a positive direction.

5. Accept
After going through these four stages, you accept the breakup and life goes on. You will eventually forgive your ex and even thank her for her experiences with you. She may have a great influence on you, but you learn a lot from it. So thank you for everything.

Rediscover and define yourself
Now that you've gone through the five most difficult stages, it's time to rediscover and define yourself. Breaking up gives you a chance to dig deeper and rediscover who you are and who you want to be. This is an important chapter in your life. You have to write it yourself.

And don't rush back into a new relationship. While it's healthy to go out and meet new women, I generally recommend starting a new relationship at least four to six months after a breakup. Focus on yourself first. Here are 3 areas to help you re-energize yourself, regain a new path in life, and regain confidence and awe.

1. Your body
Surprisingly, your body and brain work the same way. So, to make your brain feel good, you need to make your body feel better. Exercise is a great way to feel good, get back into a regular routine and feel more confident overall. It doesn't matter if you like running, mountain climbing, weight lifting or endurance sports. It's about choosing something that makes you sweat and incorporating it into your life. Let your bad mood evaporate with exercise. So start small, start today, and set some physical goals for yourself, whether it's getting up in the morning to run, go hiking, or run a marathon. Giving yourself a healthy workout is a great way to overcome a breakup.

2. Your soul
Think about who you want to be, and live and breathe it every day. Think about all the amazing things you want to accomplish in life and write them down. Then take the first step and remove an item from the list. If you want to travel, start researching flights. Apart from love, you can find other ways to enrich your soul. By understanding who you want to be, what you want to accomplish, and taking one step in a positive direction each day, you can quickly recover from a breakup.

3. Your thoughts
You have the power to change your thoughts, and you have to remember to be kind to yourself and let your thoughts realize what a great person you are. While it's easy to get stuck in a negative mood and doubt yourself after a breakup, you need to keep instilling positive thoughts into yourself. A good practice here is to repeat positive affirmations every morning. Trust me, this will completely change the way you see yourself and ultimately make you feel positive.

At the same time, writing down the thoughts in your mind is very therapeutic. It allows you to express your thoughts clearly and then observe what they mean and what you can learn from them. Revisiting how you feel at the moment can be very rewarding.

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