How to Keep Online Dating Fun


How to Keep Online Dating Fun A few months ago, I suddenly became bored with my dating profile on an exclusive dating site. The flow of almost identical conversations slowly but surely wore off my desire to meet new people. So I decided to clear out my inbox and schedule a three-day marathon appointment for Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It worked out so well that I was finally able to stop the flirtatious conversation and figure out who stood out in the crowd - his name was Danny.

So if you're in the middle of a negative feeling that you're stuck in an online dating rut, or that the whole experience is a little lame, you're in the right place. There are things you can do on your end that make chatting and dating more fun from start to finish. Here are some tips and ideas to inject some fun into online dating and get better results. Follow us!

Plan a date in an unusual or entertaining place
I know a guy who always takes his dates to the same restaurant. Week after week, he had a set pattern of first and second dates that made me really want to rip my hair off - but he seemed to enjoy it. However, this kind of life is not suitable for everyone.

If your online dating site is out of date, I suggest a date at a bowling alley, bookstore, botanical garden, or any place other than a regular coffee shop. A new, engaging environment can help you relax and forge strong bonds based on Shared interests. The next time you plan a date, ask your online date to do something with you that you really enjoy. Whether it's sharing the best cheeseburger in town or challenging someone to a game of air hockey, going to some unusual place can really add a lot of fun to your dating life. This way, you can have fun even if the date doesn't work out.

Challenge yourself to say yes and take risks
The philosophy of saying yes can help your online dating experience in a similar way. When you start refresh to more people and respond to more initial messages (yes, even "sups"), you're more likely to meet people who catch your eye. Sometimes being open to romantic possibilities is enough to fill your life with romance. Challenge yourself to say "yes" to a dating site or app within reason, and you're bound to have more interesting conversations, dates, and experiences. Of course, there are risks involved, depending on how you look at it.

Take a photo adventure
In online profiles, your photo is often the most important part of your dating profile. The photos you choose make up your first impression, so you'd better take a good picture. According to a survey, although 80 percent of the avatars on most websites are posed, candid photos are actually more eye-catching. On average, candid photos were 15 percent more likely to get a user thumb up.

Find an art friend who is a professional photographer, take quality photos of yourself in the dog park, read a book, play a sport, or just walk around and take some real life photos to create a more engaging dating profile.

Edit or add to your appointment profile
You can edit and edit your online dating profile at any time to attract more online attention. It doesn't have to be a thorough examination - maybe just one more look and make sure it represents the best of who you are. Edit the wording, update the message, or add another image. The most important thing to remember: the more photos you add, the more successful your dating profile will be.

Editing a dating profile is a quick and effective way to give yourself a virtual facelift and let more people see what you're doing. In addition, many dating sites and apps highlight your profile to other members, and if they see you're active and taking steps to improve your online dating experience, they'll be coming.

Ask your crush some thought-provoking, quirky questions
To keep your date interesting, if you like someone on some exclusive dating site, ask them a question. Any question that comes to mind: what was your favorite movie as a kid? Where have you traveled? What is your dream? Did it happen? If you're interested in something, ask. This is a great way to start an engaging conversation and get yourself (and your date) interested in talking more and getting to know each other.

Whether you're chatting in person or online, asking a personal or thought-provoking question can take the dreaded awkward silence out of the way and give your date something to respond to. Who knows? You may find their answers very appealing.

Join a new dating site -- or several!
Sometimes, when people do the same thing over and over again, it is hard not to feel boring. Likewise, staying on the same dating site for too long will make you crave a change of pace. Maybe you start seeing the same suggested matches over and over again. Maybe you don't like profile Settings. Maybe your membership is over. Either way, it's time to join a new dating site, or two, or three, that may just change your scenery and you need to get your second wind and meet more local singles.

If you haven't tried serious dating sites yet, we urge you to create a free membership on and build lasting relationships with a more committed, relationships-focused group of rich singles. The site connects more relationships and marriages than any other dating site, so it certainly has a lot to do.

Joining a new dating site is like moving to a new town, but with less packaging, stress and cardboard boxes. Suddenly, you're in an exciting environment, surrounded by new friends, and you have lots of new opportunities to connect with your new neighbors or online daters.

We all know that online dating can be exhausting -- which is why it's helpful to set goals, projects and games to pass the time while you're looking for a hot date. In my experience, the best way to keep your online dating experience interesting is to throw yourself into it and move forward. Remember that dating should be fun, not too serious.

Hopefully the tips we've laid out will help you get interested in online dating again and meet someone who shares your interests, so that you can at least start a date easily.