How To Propose To Your Woman


How To Propose To Your Woman It's not easy for most men to meet the right woman, especially in your 20s when you're building your own business. But whether you credit the universe, luck, some online exclusive dating site, or nothing, it's a big step when you're ready to move from traditional dating to legally binding dating.

In fact, there was an important question -- no, not the one you asked her -- "will you marry me?" Instead: "how can I propose to her?" Here, dating experts from professional dating sites will give you the best advice on how to approach, plan and consider your one-knee and hope-forever game plan.

What do you need to do before you propose
There are many things to consider before you decide to propose. Especially for men, the anticipation and preparation of the proposal may make you feel more pressure. From deciding which ring is the best, to proposing to her parents, to making sure your relationship is on the right track, to getting married. Before you ask her to marry you, here are the absolute things you should do:

Choose a diamond ring
Remember, there's no girl who doesn't like diamond rings. No matter how mature you think your girlfriend is, chances are she's been imagining her own engagement ring since she was a little girl. Even if she is frugal in her daily life, she won't blame you for your wasteful spending on the diamond ring. She also wants a more elaborate, classic ring to symbolize your commitment to her and your life together.

So be sure to find out what she likes and dislikes. We all have our own taste. It's something she wears every day. It's something she watches every day. So make sure she likes it. If you're willing to let someone know the secret -- like her family or her best friend -- then they can give you a clue.

How do you know if your relationship is on the right track
When you're building a business or buying a house or car, you're often told to trust your first instinct. Because the truth is, you'll never, ever really be sure that you're right for each other. But what's good to see? As you get older, how well do you match up on the most important hot topics that make or break you?

As a dating coach, I have found that a common theme among conflicted clients is that they never fully understand their partner's view of the role of the relationship -- especially when it comes to children, finances, sex and cohabitation. I've also found that couples never fully understand how their partner works as a person, and that conflicts can arise if each person's personality traits conflict.

In some cases, you may even talk to your girlfriend about getting married long before you decide to propose. If you know you're all on the same team -- and you can feel it in your heart -- then you're walking down that aisle.

When, where and how to propose
I don't know. Propose on that day? Don't know where to propose? In public or in private? In town or on vacation? When, where, how? Most importantly -- it depends on your relationships and your personality. The proposal should represent your Shared experience, how much you know each other over time, and most importantly, know that it will make her super happy and feel loved.

When, where and how you propose depends on what kind of person you and your partner are. You can propose somewhere with your special memories. You can do this unexpectedly at home. You can plan a surprise or play a game. Most importantly, you both feel genuine and memorable, not pressured by others.

But the most important thing is to pick a few places she likes. If she likes to stay in the bakery, propose in the bakery. In short, put her first. After all, as the saying goes, "happy wife, happy life."

How do you ask her parents
Before you propose, you should consider how close she is to her parents. While this is very traditional (and usually considered respectful), if it doesn't matter to her or her parents, it's not necessary. So, if you find that your girlfriend's family is very traditional, make sure you ask her parents in advance. Any suitor must ask for help to secure parental consent and to reach a consensus between the two families.

If you're worried about revealing an upcoming surprise, you can relate this discussion to a friend asking his girlfriend's parents for their opinion. I suggest having a conversation before proposing to get your girlfriend's and her family's opinions and preferences. Some families also see asking your parents as a sign of respect and a way to score points.

How do you actually make a proposal
When it comes to getting down on one knee to propose, some people think it's a cliche. But it's still essential in a proposal. Just if you decide to kneel, you should kneel the right way. Getting down on one knee to propose is still the custom at proposal time, and not doing so may seem too casual to the other person, or may obscure what's going on, and now is the time to propose.

Once you get there, you may worry about what to say. If you are shy, you prefer to plan small, simple, private things. If you and your partner are both extroverts, you may be planning something more elaborate and unique. Of course, and last but not least, right? What to do with that ring. Before you propose, you should hide it in a safe place. You can lock it in a key on your desk or put it in a safe so that nothing bad happens or she doesn't see it in advance. When should I give it to her? When she says "yes!

Show her the ring when you ask her, but don't give it to her or exchange it with her until she officially gives a resounding yes. Don't put it on their finger until she answers the question. Because you shouldn't put any extra pressure on her.

While many people have certain expectations for a proposal, make sure your proposal plan matches the other person's wishes and personality. Finally, if you are ready to propose, do it and start a new chapter in your life.