How to Seduce an Elite Single Man


How to Seduce an Elite Single Man When you meet some elite single men on some exclusive dating sites, do you want to grab him right away and make him your exclusive man? So, do your eyes signal to a man that you want him? Absolutely. If you want to know how to seduce an elite single man, read on, because I'm going to give you some valuable advice you'll want to apply right away to the man you like.

Seduction tip # 1: use body language
Body language is definitely seductive to men and, when used correctly, it can be another way of seducing a man. Be acutely aware of your body posture when you're dating an elite single man or just talking to a man you want to seduce. He won't feel interested if you cross your arms or turn your back on him. On the other hand, if you lean forward and rest your arms on the table or your hips, it shows that you are open. And never underestimate the power of flipping your hair! Loose hair, especially long, loose hair, is sexy for most men.

Seduction tip # 2: touch him often
Touch is also a form of body language. The more you touch him -- and we're not talking about overt caresses here -- the more he'll want to touch you back. Touching reminds men - yes, you guessed it - of sex, so it's a subtle way I want you. If you want to know how to seduce a man with a touch, place your finger on his forearm and gently squeeze his biceps. Or put your hand on his shoulder or back. Try and see if he can respond in a few minutes.

Seduction tip # 3: practice smiling
Smile is a big weapon, do you know there are different types of smile? There are some things you don't want to use, like fake smiles, but you can still mix them up. Try a sly smile at the man you like. Tell him I know something you don't.

The type of smile is also situational, smile sincerely when he approaches or says something funny. If he USES cheesy pick-up lines, give him a fake smile. Create your own smile! If you're learning how to seduce a man, there are ways to take advantage of this.

Seduction tip # 4: send an enticing message
Seduction doesn't have to happen in person. You can charm a man by sending him sexy messages. I don't mean to make you blatantly sexy in a message, but to make him feel sexy by innuendo. Leave a lot of tempting words for him to imagine. For example, I had a dream about you last night. Do you know what I did with you in the dream? Well, I don't remember exactly, but I remember that wonderful kiss, wow!

You really need to pay attention to the line between seduction and sex, because some men will misunderstand and even reply to some sexting, which is not your goal. You want to create anticipation, whether it's to see you again, kiss for the first time, or even have sex. Making him want to see you is your goal.

Seduction tip # 5: make an accident of it
If you're sitting across from him on a date, you can casually sweep him with your legs. Then act as if nothing happened. When he sees that you have no reaction, he must think, is that an accident? Deliberately knock something off and then bend over to pick it up so you can show off your body. Or let your hand bump when he reaches for it too. He'll think these little moves are accidental, but he'll still be tempted to ask for more.

Seduction tip # 6: show your confidence
Confident women are more attractive to men, so I suggest you be confident. If you look confident and sunny, when you talk to a man, his desire to chase you will appear. Confident women know they're attractive, funny and smart. She doesn't need a man to tell her. In fact, she doesn't need a man at all, but she wants him. This will make men find it very tempting.

If he compliments you, smile and look him in the eye and say thank you. Remember to keep your shoulders back, as leaning forward indicates insecurity and confidence. Wear clothes that make you look more confident. You don't need to wear a miniskirt or a plunging neckline to look sexy, but do wear clothes that make you feel good about yourself.

Seduction tip # 7: let your eyes do it
Your eyes can tell an elite single man that you like him. In fact, your eyes are your biggest weapon in the battle of seduction. In a fascinating study, a psychologist brought together dozens of men and women he had never met before and had them look each other in the eyes for two minutes without speaking. Two minutes later, can you imagine what happened? Most participants developed a strong attraction to those opposite them. Some of the couples even became boyfriend and girlfriend and got married! It shows how powerful eye contact can be.

So charm your man with your eyes! When you're talking to a man who appeals to you, you might get nervous and glance around, but it's best to look him in the eye when you're speaking or listening (and smile at the same time!). According to what he said, mix up your expression. You can raise an eyebrow to show that you don't believe him (jokingly), or even wink at him. There are many ways you can express yourself with your eyes, so give it a try and see how he reacts. You can also make eye contact with him for a long time without speaking until he notices and then look away. Let him know that you have a crush on him, but there seems to be something more interesting to catch your attention. This will interest him because he wants your attention back and he will walk over.

While I've given a lot of advice on how to seduce a man above, in general, you should choose to do something you're comfortable with (if not, skip this one). I'm telling you honestly, you have to be yourself to seduce a man. Otherwise, you will appear unreal and he will see through you. Start using every date you have as a practice until you succeed.