How To Tell If Someone You Meet Online Is Lying To You


How To Tell If Someone You Meet Online Is Lying To You With the rise of exclusive online dating sites, online fraud is on the rise. In fact, there are a lot of shady people in our lives, and they may include the one we met through online dating. One member from exclusive dating website said: "the best way to tell if something is fishy is to trust your instincts. Is there something wrong?" If so, be careful and take no chances.

For men to tell if a woman you meet online is lying to you, see if when it comes to her ex-boyfriend, she seems to be hiding, as if she's still in a relationship. Do you think something is wrong? Is she so eager to please you that she might say something she thinks you want to hear? Paying attention to people's honesty is a valuable skill that you can improve by paying more attention and being curious about people. You can practice with everyone, not just dating, to develop your awareness faster.

Pay attention to your own patterns
Sometimes it's easy to think that online daters are always lying about their weight, age or relationship status, when in fact they're not. Many people are honest. For example, if you find a particular pattern in your dating life, if two to two-thirds of your first dates lie about being single, it's worth reflecting on why you're attracted to these people.

Ask yourself: what does it say about the way I present myself that women can lie to me? No judgment, just an honest self-assessment question. You can also ask friends; Especially those who don't seem to have this problem in their lives, because they may see it more clearly. Ask them if they have noticed anything about you that makes it easier to attract a swindler's opposite sex. It takes courage, but it can at least inspire you to reduce your chances of meeting a con artist.

And their patterns
Pay attention to their patterns as well as your own. For example, if they disappear for a long time without reasonable explanations (or if they seem far-fetched), they may be lying or hiding something. You can only say you have a lot of emergencies before others understand. If your new boyfriend reacts quickly one day/week and disappears in a few days/weeks, call them out and ask if there's anything they haven't told you. Of course, true liars don't tell the truth, but you should at least be aware of this situation.

To be honest
Even if you're not sure the person on camera is real or not, be honest first. After all, like-minded people attract each other a good way to communicate honestly is to be honest with yourself. Be completely honest about your dating profile and all your communications to ensure that you are acting honestly. This does not mean telling every little detail, as it would be troublesome and unnecessary. But don't fabricate information, and don't leave out anything super relevant. Whoever you want to be with will love you for who you are, so there's no need to hide things like a divorce or having a child. Be honest first, and then you can expect others to be honest with you.

As soon as possible to meet
When you meet someone you're interested in online, schedule an appointment as soon as possible to get a feel for that person. This way, instead of texting back and forth, you spend a lot of time with someone you don't even meet. Everything from using a false identity to being 30 pounds heavier than you really are is dishonest. It's only when you meet that you really get to know that person.

When you meet, it's best to meet during the day in a public place with heavy traffic, such as a cafe or park. It's much safer than meeting at your house or home for the first time in the evening. We don't! At the very least, if you're meeting for the first time in the evening, meet at a bar with lots of people. Not only will you feel safer, but she will also feel safer, which will make it easier for her to open up to you and relax.

Examine their photos carefully
Profile photos in online dating are the ones you should pay close attention to. It's always a red flag if you see every picture of her or him in the distance, or just looking up over your shoulder. This indicates a lack of confidence or a fear of being seen as a fraud. If anyone is worried that potential suitors are not interested in them because of their physical condition, know that a face to face rejection is more painful than a face to face rejection, so people who really want to date don't hide their feelings. If you want to see the full picture, jokingly say, "so, when I show up, are you just a floating head and shoulders?" Remember, you have no right to take her picture, but she also has no right to date you.

Confirm the photos
Except to double-check each other's photos. Also make sure the photo is the person. Is he/she too good-looking? With a celebrity face? Maybe. Run image search on Google image to see if her/his image might appear elsewhere. It could be a fake profile (hey, 1 in 10 online dating profiles are fake) or a real photo of someone else.

Determine if her/his story is true. If their story seems true, it probably is. The digital world gives everyone a sense of escapism, but some people tend to take things too far. They create false identities to fulfill their fantasies of history, travel, professional success and personal conquest. If the details of their story don't match your understanding, ask them if you misunderstood. You can tell if someone is lying by their tone of voice and body language, so make a quick phone call or use video to get a better idea.

There are many ways to check if someone you meet on an exclusive dating website is lying to you, but treating all lies the same way isn't necessarily the right way to go. If you want to get to the bottom of it, rather than just pointing fingers at the other person for being evil or wrong, it will help you go a long way toward clarifying the problem.